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Starting From The Beginning

My name is Stephen Winn and I want to say thank you for stopping by my blog. Please feel free to email me your comments at:

Since this is the introduction to my blog, I have to give credit where it's due. The idea to do this project came from my daughter Andrea. She didn't tell me about her blog, but I found out about it from my sister, Pat, who heard about it from another family member. That's how things go sometimes. I had a look at Andrea's setup and was impressed, so I started thinking about starting my own. Meanwhile, Writer's Digest kept reminding me in several emails that it's a good idea for a writer to start a blog, so that settled it!

I plan to use this format to discuss matters relating to the murder mystery fiction novels I write and ideas I have about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that I think will be of value to others. If something I write about has value for you in some way, then I have succeeded in achieving at least one of my many objectives.

I certainly hope you enjoy your visit here at my blog and at my website, and come back often. Oh, and please take a moment or two to tell me by email what you think of my articles, or share one of your own experiences.

Thanks again for your visit,


Writers Need to be Courageous, Persistent & Informed

Writers need to be courageous, persistent, and informed. Man, do we ever! Being a writer is a labor of love because most often there is no promise of success (however you define it) or money.

Steal from a Writer? How Dare You!

I feel exhausted when I think about how many times someone has tried to rip me off lately. It's now reached a point where I get at least a couple of attempts a month. Here are a few of the more interesting examples I'd like to share with you...

An Accomplished Writer!

It's always great to get together with old friends and talk about everything and anything without fear of being politically incorrect or offending sensibilities. Discussions about how fast life is whizzing by, and the good, bad, and ugly things that have come into our lives all end up out on the table. And speaking about things on the table, it always helps if the discussion happens over really good food.

Are You a Champion? Let's See...

There are champions in all walks of life. Some are very close by us and we don't even realize it: a mother with kids that just lost her husband and takes on the sole support role while improving her education after the kids are in bed; a mentally and/or physically challenged person that works so hard just to do the normal day-to-day activities the rest of us take for granted; the list goes on and on.

Some Lessons My Dad Taught Me

There are some special moments with my dad that I recall from time to time. They come back to me when I get into a jam or awkward situation and then think to myself, "...what would my dad do right now?" He was accomplished at many things. Unfortunately, I only realized the importance of most of his lessons when I was older and he had passed on. I intend to use some of his words of wisdom in my novels. Here are some examples:
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