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An Accomplished Writer!

Posted by Stephen Winn
It's always great to get together with old friends and talk about everything and anything without fear of being politically incorrect or offending sensibilities. Discussions about how fast life is whizzing by, and the good, bad, and ugly things that have come into our lives all end up out on the table. And speaking about things on the table, it always helps if the discussion happens over really good food.

I met with two friends, Greg and Tim, for lunch on hump day—that day in the middle of the week we all must crawl over to get to the weekend. On this particular Wednesday in spring, it was rainy with a mix of sleet, high winds, and generally crappy weather. However, it was my treat so I was smiling because I got to choose my favorite restaurant. I selected the Mandarin because it serves an all-you-can-eat buffet of primarily Americanized oriental dishes with over one hundred selections (yes, really!), and the quality is outstanding. Yum and double-yum.

I really enjoyed the camaraderie and warmth of it all, but there is always one particular moment that I especially look forward to. You’re probably going to laugh, but it is when I get my fortune cookie. There’s something about a fortune cookie that flips a switch in my primordial brain. I’m not particularly superstitious, though I will admit to getting a bit more nervous than usual on a Friday the 13th.  I also admit believing in fortune cookie fortunes…as long as it’s not a stupid joke or just a saying…it has to be an actual prediction about something that will affect my life in some way.

Anyway, this time it was Greg that scooped up the three fortune cookies that the waitress set down on the table in front of him, so he handed me mine. She must have thought he was picking up the tab or something. I admit that I was a bit disappointed because I’m used to picking my own cookie—that way I think I get the one I’m meant to have. This time I had no choice. Greg and Tim both ripped into theirs. Tim got something about being a friendly guy which is true. Greg said his was no big deal. I opened mine last and was in shock at what I read. It said: ‘You will become an accomplished writer.’

Do you believe in coincidences? I don’t but I think things happen for a reason. If you feel differently then you may not understand the significance of this to me. I felt like the heavens had opened up and good Fortune had just blessed me. It was just like I won the lottery! I kept repeating out loud, “What are the odds? What are the odds?”

The more I think about this little wonderous event, the more amazed I feel. Out of the hundreds…no…thousands of little slips of paper in all of those fortune cookies, I ended up getting the one fortune that really mattered to me. It was a great experience that I just had to share with others. This means that now it has to come true…

Epilogue: So…what about the six numbers on the fortune? Well, yes…I did enter them in a couple of lottery draws and didn’t win anything...but that was beside the point to me. As I said, I already felt like I had won the lottery with the prediction made—and likely always will!   

Posted by: Stephen Winn


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